Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dollar Nail Art Foil mini review

Hi all!

For Tuesday I wanted to share a new product (well new to me) that technically falls into the two-toned Tuesday category, so yay!

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of nail foils, but they're a really fun nail art product to add a hint of metal, or shine, or unique pattern or finish to your manicures.

I recently was able to purchase my first nail foils from Dollar Nail Art and decided I'd give them a try and share my experience with all of you.

Dollar Nail Art Ocean Mist nail foil
The first color I decided to try was Ocean Mist, a fun metallic foil with a blend of silver, green, blue, and purple to make a pattern similar to what you see when your see oil on top of water in a parking lot.

Before beginning, cut pieces of nail foil from the roll (each roll is about 5 ft.) to fit each nail.

Application took a little practice.  When you order from Dollar Nail Art (just fyi for online orders they require a minimum purchase of $25, less than that you can mail order) and get four foils, they send you a free bottle of their foil adhesive.  To apply, to brush on a thin layer of this adhesive, which goes on milky and dries clear.  When the adhesive is dry it's still tacky, but DON'T TOUCH IT or else it can affect the hold on the foil.

Once dry, take your first piece of nail foil and place it on the nail dull or non patterned side down.  Now, depending on the foil (which is where the practice comes in) it may be better to use either a Q-tip or your fingernail, for this pattern, my finger nail worked best.  Using either one, gently rub the top of the foil over your nail making sure to cover the whole area desired. 

Then, remove the clear backing, which should be basically popping off anyway.  If you've missed any spots, place the foil piece over the bald spot and rub gently to fill empty space.

Now for this pattern, for me, Any use of top coat complete RUINED the pattern, the whole foil would turn silver and never turn back.  I've heard the use of UV gel top coat might work, but sadly I have none to try.  So for me, I had to go without top coat at all. 

That being said, if you know none of your top coats will protect rather than ruin the foils, then I suggest applying them the day you plan to wear them rather than the night before, simply because the foil rubs off very easily without that protection of top coat.  I learned the hard way :(

Nevertheless, despite the issues I had with the foils, I chalk it all up to learning curve.  In general these are gorgeous and a lot of fun as long as you learn the dos and don'ts.  Plus, you can't really beat a dollar a piece!!

Have you tried these nail foils?  Do you have any tips?

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  1. WHOA this is the coolest! Too bad it doesn't last very long, but I guess it's worth it when your nails look this cool!

  2. hello! you can use a UV gel top coat but I suggest using a UV gel base and color coat also. it works the best