Saturday, May 25, 2013

So much catching up to do!

Sorry sorry all!

I know my hiatus has been even longer than usual, the last week was INSANE with stuff happening.

But I am still here, alive and well, and have been taking pics even though I haven't been posting.

So yay for that!  Let's get started!

Kleancolor Metallic Yellow
First up is Metallic Yellow from the Kleancolor Metallics collection.  This polish, being a "metallic yellow" is clearly more of a gold, but a very rich buttery gold.  This Kleancolor collection, from what I'm told is GREAT for stamping, so I'll have to try it.  The colors are bright and super pigmented and most go on completely opaque in one coat.  They can be a bit tough to remove when done as a full manicure, but I'm sure stamping won't be that bad.

OPI Glints of Glinda and Sinful Colors Social Ladder
Next I have OPI Glints of Glinda from the Oz the Great and Powerful Soft Shades collection.  This polish is a soft tan nude sheer polish that looks lovely if you want that sheer, natural nail look but just have to have polish on.  I can imagine it might look a little odd on people with extremely fair complexions, but I'd give it some trial and error before disregarding it completely.  Over Glints of Glinda I thought I'd try a nice subtle sponge ombre with Sinful Colors Social Ladder, a sheer nude shimmer.  Now when I say subtle, I mean subtle, but the two together made a very elegant look that would probably be great for weddings or special occasions.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sour Apple
Then I have another new polish to show off, this one from Sally Hansen's most recent collection, Sugar Coat.  This is Sally Hansen's answer to the recent textured finish trend, following the OPI Liquid Sands and Zoya Pixie Dusts as well as the other textured lines that are coming out.  This polish is called Sour Apple and is a gorgeous minty green color.  The texture on this one is nice, not overly gritty and a nice change from the more common sparkly textured finishes.  This one went on perfectly in two coats and has a really nice bright color pay-off as do the others I have from the collection.

a England Ophelia
Last but not least, I have Ophelia from a England, a black base polish with a beautiful violet shimmer in it.  Sadly, in the picture it is nearly impossible to see (my lighting sucks) but in sunlight that shimmer glows and gives this polish a lot of depth and light.  The formula on this one was AMAZING, I got it opaque in two coats and may have even been able to do just one if I'd painted thicker coats.  It's a great polish and a brand worth looking into if you haven't already.


So yea, these are the polishes I've worn for the last week!  Sorry again for being so late about posting all of them.  I really am trying to keep up haha, but it might still take a little while, so my apologies!

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Saturday, May 18, 2013

L'Oreal Bubble Trouble & China Glaze Galactic Grey

I'm back with some more manicures to show you all (I swear I didn't fall off the face of the earth, still learning my necessary time management skills, sorry).

Both of the polishes in today's post are from newer collections for Spring 2013.

So let's jump in because I know you guys want to see some of the new polishes out there!

L'Oreal Bubble Trouble

First up I have L'Oreal's Bubble Trouble, another polish from the new Limited Edition Miss Candy Gellie polish collection.  This polish is an adorable bubble gum pink creme-jelly that's nicely sheer, but not a completely transparent jelly.

The picture here shows four coats with NO TOP COAT!  That's one thing I love about jelly polishes is the natural shiny finish.  You can still wear top coat obviously, but I ran out of time and it looked fine anyway (as long as you ignore the sheet marks lol).

If you couldn't tell, I'm OBSESSED with jelly polishes haha.

China Glaze Galactic Grey
The next color I have is Galactic Grey from China Glaze's new Hologlam Collection.  This polish is a dark pewter grey holographic metallic. 

The new Hologlam Collection was, from what I can tell, China Glaze's response to the demand for another collection like their original Kalaidescope, Tronica, and holographic collections.  There was A LOT of hype for this collection, and not that it wasn't exciting, but I think the collection ended up being unlike what many expected.  I think for most people, the holographic effect of these polishes wasn't as bold as they might have wanted, not that it isn't still a pretty effect.  But with the new Color Club Halo Hues collections being SO holographic, I think people were looking for a similar effect with China Glaze application.

Now, that being said, the polishes I have from this collection are very pretty and have great payoff and application (though like most holos the first layer can pick up a little bit).  But from what i've heard the staying power has left a little to be desired for some.  I haven't had any issues since yesterday when I put the polish on, but that may be my top coat working.  But there have been some complaints about peeling and flaking polish for some of these, just to keep you informed.


What do you think of these two?  What other polish collections have caught your eye lately?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

China Glaze Fancy Pants and Zoya Blaze

Hi all... *sheepishly emerges*

I'm just gonna jump in because I'm sure you're all raging at me right now lol.

But once again, I have pretties to share that might restore a little faith in me. 

Sadly I only have two to share right now, but I haven't been painting my nails as often either, so that would be a big part of being so behind, the other reason being just timing issues, sorry.

But anyways, let's get this show on the road!

China Glaze Fancy Pants
First up I want to show you China Glaze Fancy Pants, a polish from the recent Avant Garden collection.  This polish has a blue base with a kind of purple tint to it, and also has a subtle pink shimmer to it as well.  This polish is SO pretty, goes on smoothly and looks great even after two coats (though this pic is with three coats). 

I have a few more from the Avant Garden collection and after wearing this one, I'm excited to wear the others.

Zoya Blaze
Next I have Zoya Blaze to share.  I have to begin by saying this is definitely one of my favorite polishes now.  Blaze has a dark cherry red base that almost looks like a jelly but isn't really since there's basically no transparency to it, though it does have a fun squishy look.  But in this base is a gorgeous holographic sparkle which isn't really a glitter but not anything like a flakey or other sparkle.  This polish is just plain unique, and might I say a great color on my recently trimmed (and much shorter) nails.


What do you all think of these?  I'm finding some great surprises in my untrieds, polishes I knew were pretty but are even more exciting on the nail which is always fun!

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Thursday, May 9, 2013

L'Oreal Berry Nice & Hard Candy Peach Pop

Alright, so I'm not even going to bore you with apologies this time.

I probably shouldn't even make promises that I'll get back to daily posts since I haven't kept that one yet lol.

But as usual I have been taking pics and you all know that I will post them at my earliest opportunity, which as it is, is right now for the last few days.

L'Oreal Berry Nice
The first polish I have for you to see is L'Oreal's Berry Nice from their brand new Miss Candy Limited Edition gellie finish polishes.  This polish is a gorgeous deep jewel toned purple jelly that is ultra transparent, as you can see from the picture which shows three coats. 

I love this polish, it's fairly typical in formula for a jelly, high shine finish and can be a bit spotty at times, but the color payoff on this one is great.  Not to mention, if you like jelly polishes, you love when they look as squishy as this one does, at least I know I do.

Hard Candy Peach Pop
The other polish I have for you to see is Peach Pop from Hard Candy.  This polish has a peaches and cream orange base with red, orange, and silver glitter scattered through it.  This is another polish from Hard Candy's new Candy Sprinkles collection.  The formula for these polishes can be a bit tricky.  Being that they're glitter bombs they get a bit globby but I've had far worse and the pay off is just great!


So what do you guys think of these two?  There are so many fun new collections coming out this season, which are you most looking forward to?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nina Ultra Pro Maple Syrup

Hi guys!

I actually have a manicure on time today!!  I know, exciting isn't it?

So, since I have a habit of keeping you all waiting, I'm not going to let myself do that in this post and instead jump right into the nails, since that's what we're here to see.

Nina Ultra Pro Maple Syrup
Today I have Maple Syrup from the old collection of Nina Ultra Pro, found at Sally's.  This polish is a warm, cinnamon-chocolate brown frost color that has a really pretty red-purple tint to it.  The frost in this one is another one of those glowy polishes that just looks gorgeous in the light. 

It can be kind of hard to find intersting brown tones, but when you go with a polish like this with a bit of a texture finish and hints of other tones in it, you can usually find a winner.

So, what do you all think?  Do you have a brown that isn't blah?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Cathing Up: Sally Hansen Fog & Color Club Wild Cactus

So I know I'm a terrible terrible blogger for being so flakey this week!

I thought things would calm down some but it didn't really.

I didn't have so many doctors appointments, but I had plans with friends, errands and working out to do which I clearly need to learn to manage into my schedule a little better, but its all new stuff and I'll get there, I promise!

But as usual, I did make sure to take pics of the manicures I did wear this week so I could post them when I got to my catch up post!


Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Fog
First up I have a polish from Sally Hansen's Smooth & Perfect collection (now discontinued but possibly still available if you look hard enough).  This polish is a sheer, white satin shimmer/frost.  The name of the line isn't misleading in most ways, the formula goes on very smoothly and looks great, and very shiny, however, with a frosty finish, you have to make sure you have a steady hand so you don't leave brush strokes on your nails.  I'm usualy not a fan of very sheer finishes on my nails, but this manicure was so pretty.  I think it would be a great bridal shade (not that I'm getting married ANY time soon haha).

Color Club Wild Cactus
Then my other manicure was Color Club Wild Cactus, a bright emerald green creme that has a gorgeous aqua tint to it.  This one is a new color from Color Club's Summer collection this year, and the collection has a lot of bright cremes, a foil and I believe a glitter, but this one just screamed "BUY ME" so I did!  I got a lot of compliments on it actually, and it was a fun funky color that went great with the gorgeous weather we've been having lately.  I do have to say that such a pigmented color did leave a bit of staining, mostly on the cuticles/skin but a little extra scrubbing took care of most of it.  This formula was a dream, opaque in two coats and shiny before I even put on top coat!


So what do you guys think of these?  I also have pics of my newest Maven box coming soon, just waiting on my add on to show up, so look forward to those!

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

OPI DS Jewel

Hey guys!

Sorry for this being such a sparse posting week, it's been a little crazy with follow up appointments after my surgery and then plans with friends and family.

But I have been painting my nails and taking pictures.

I didn't get to paint for Pink Wednesday but I do have the polish I wore Tuesday and today to show you as I'm painting my nails for tomorrow actually, haha.

OPI DS Jewel
The last two days I've been wearing OPI DS Jewel.  This polish is a dark burgundy shimmer with flashes of wine, and gold, and even bright green!  The polish a bit sheer, aftre three coats, but its not as noticeable in outdoor lighting. 

I do really like this polish, a nice traditional color shade with a little be of unique sparkle to it, so a great way to experiment for work, for example.

What do you all think?  Any polishes you like to wear to be conservative for work but that still show a fun side?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat