Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hare Heat Plague

Hi all!

I have a manicure for you, and what's more it's an indie!!

Today, I have a polish from Hare to share and I can't wait to see what you guys think.

Hare Heat Plague
The polish I'm wearing today is Hare Heat Plague, a medium grassy green jelly base with orange, red-ish purple and violet glitters in various shapes and sizes from hexes to squares, micro to medium.

The picture shows three coats, and its pretty much only opaque due to the glitter but still very little visible nail line.  The glitter in this is probably some of the best laying glitter I've ever used, completely smooth, to the point that I only needed one coat of top coat...yes just one with glitter!!

I love this polish in the bottle, but sadly it's not my favorite on, i think the coloring with my skin tone just doesn't appeal to me, but this polish is still so pretty in itself!

What do you guys think?  Have you tried Hare polishes?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pink Wednesday: Ninja Polish Pinkerbell Gradient

I have my Pink Wednesday manicure to share!

I decided I wanted to do a fun gradient today, and then remembered I had another member of the Floam family to try and knew it would be just perfect!

Here's what I came up with.

Ninja Polish Pinkerbell, Wet n Wild Candy-licious

For this one I started with three coats of Candy-licious from Wet n Wild's newer Megalast collection.  This is a great, bright blue-toned pink creme that is just gorgeous.

Then on top of that, I sponged on Ninja Polish Pinkerbell, a member of the Floam family, made up of pink, blue, and green matte glitters.

For gradients, Floams are AMAZING!!  They give the fun speckle and do the gradient fade really well, and this one in particular made this manicure a bright, almost neon beauty!

What do you guys think of this one?  How are your experiences with glitter gradients?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two-toned Tuesday: OPI Can't Find My Czechbook and Candeo Jellybean

It's Two-Toned Tuesday!

Yup, that means I have a manicure consisting of two, count em two colors (not that that's different from most days haha).

Today I decided to go with the simple accent nail, a classic that's always fun!

I brought some more spring into the colors again (I guess I have spring on the brain).

This is what I came up with!

OPI Can't Find My Czechbook & Candeo Jellybean
These are two of my more recent acquisitions, and the only reason I came up with the combo is because I had my swatch sticks of each of them beside each other and noticed the blue matched the blue glitter in Jellybean.

Can't Find My Czechbook is from OPI's new Euro Centrale Collection, and is a beautiful aqua blue creme that goes on opqaue in three coats.  Candeo Jellybean is a polish with a pale yellow base, full of micro and hex glitters in purple, blue, aqua, orange, and pink.

Together they look kinda Springy-Easter to me, but I love how the OPI brings out the blue glitter in Jellybean.

What do you guys think?

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~ Cat

Monday, February 25, 2013

Nail Art Monday: China Glaze Trazitions Cloud Manicure

I have my manicure from today for you guys!

Nail Art Monday has brought up another chance to try some untrieds and beyond that, a newer collection that is a lot of fun!

The China Glaze Tranzitions collection is one of the newer releases from the brand, and it's made up of polishes that change color when top coat is applied, a concept that brings out the 90s kid in me for some reason (I blame those weird shoes that had that blue goo in it that changed colors when you touched it...I can't remember what they were called).

Anyway, I thought they'd be fun for some nail art, using the top coat color change to my advantage, and this is what came of that.

China Glaze Split Perso-Nail-Ity and China Glaze Duplictyy
This is my cloud manicure using China Glaze Trazitions in Split Perso-Nail-Ity, a rosy pink that changes to a deep magenta with top coat, and Duplicityy, a shimmery mint green that changes to a deep, jewel tone turquoise with top coat.

As you can see, the top coated parts are a little streaky but with a few more coats I think that would be elimiated.

The color change effect is a lot of fun with these and the possibilities are basically endless I'd say.

What do you guys think of this manicure?  Have you tried the Tranzitions polishes before?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Influenster Sweetheart VoxBox February 2013

I have my recent Influenster VoxBox to share with you guys!

I'll give you some information of just how to get your own VoxBox in a bit.

For this I have pics of what's inside and first impressions, more in depth reviews of the products will follow as I have a good idea of how well they work.

Sweetheart VoxBox Card Front
Sweetheart VoxBox Card Back
Inside my VoxBox

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response
 The first item in my VoxBox was Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response deodorant in Serene Citrus scent.  This product is supposed to protect against the smell of "stress sweat" which is supposedly the most odorous type of sweat.

The scent for this one to me is really "Less Than" Serene Citrus, it's a rather strong tropical citrus smell, reminding me of fruity chewing gum.  It comes in a soft form rather than a solid which isn't the type of antiperspirant I like using personally, but my mother uses that form on occasion so she has agreed to help me by using the deodorant and reporting her opinion to me about it.  This also works out since I have rather sensitive skin when it comes to scented products and she really likes the scent of it, so sounds like a good match for her to me!

Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Power Contour Cleansing System & Shine, Shine Go Away! Cleanser
The next product is the Olay Fresh Effects "Va-Va-Vivid" Powered Contour Cleansing System and Olay Fresh Effects "Shine, Shine Go Away!" Shine Minimizing Cleanser.  The Powered Cleansing System is a triangular rubber brush head on a battery powered handle, meant to fit the contours of the face well, specifically the T-Zone and cheeks, areas that tend to get a lot of shine, hence the shine control cleanser.

I'm kind of excited to try this one!  I'm always looking for facial cleansers that will motivate me enough with their results to feel compelled to use them regularly.  Often, when I don't see results after a few weeks I just give up and wait until the next thing comes along, so maybe this will work!  I'll definitely let you guys know!

SkinnyGirl Daily On-The-Go Bar
Next is the SkinnyGirl On-the-Go Bar in Greek Yogurt Blueberry Crisp.  These bars have only 180 calories and are completely kosher, high in fiber, protein, fewer carbs, and made of natural ingredients.

For me personally, I love anythiing blueberry, and I have a new love for Greek yogurt so I without even tasting it, I know this one is right up my alley.   Looking forward to eating this one for breakfast tomorrow!

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
 Then the final product could have been one of two things, either Not Your Mother's She's A Tease Volumizing Hair Spray, or what I received, Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.  Like most sea sprays, this product is meant to give your hair those cute beachy waves (a la Blake Lively) without spending a day at the beach.

I'm like 50% excited 50% skeptical about this product.  I've always wanted to get the beachy wave look, and I'll certainly try it, but with my hair being naturally really curly I rarely get hair products that work for my hair like they would for someone with perfect straight hair that hold style.  Nevertheless, I'm going to try it an hope for the best, if nothing else, it'll make my hair smell like coconut which I like, haha.


I'm looking forward to trying out all these products and following up with full reviews for you guys!

If you'd like to eventually get your own VoxBox, go on over to Influenster and set up your profile.  To get your box, you'll earn badges on the website by writing reviews for products listed on the site and being active in the Influenster community.  For every box Influenster checks the most active profiles and chooses recipients of the boxes!  And then if you're chosen to receive a box, your only obligation is to share your opinion of the products on social media.

Each box has lots of fun and often brand new or unreleased products for Influensters to try, and it's all completely free!! (I'm probably explaining this really badly haha, but it's explained really well on their site.)

If you're interested, check it out!  It's completely free, and it's a lot of fun and a great way to try new products!

Are you already an Influenster?  Have you gotten a VoxBox before?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jindie Nails "Bells & Whistles"

I have today's manicure to share (at a normal human time today too)!

I decided I wanted to play around with my untrieds...particularly indies and undies (haha I just made that up and I love it).

And this time, I came up with this lovely pastel manicure that just screams spring time.

Jindie Nails Bells & Whistles and Sally Hansen Whisper
For this manicure I started with Sally Hansen's Whisper from their (now discontinued) Smooth & Perfect collection.  I had originally thought of just doing accent nails with the Jindie, with Whisper being the main color, but when it was still not opaque after four coats, Bells & Whistles quickly became the star.

Whisper is a GROGEOUS color though, a nice, subtly frosted lavender that has a lovely sheerness if you are looking for that particular aesthetic, this time I was not.

Bells & Whistles added just what I was looking for for this manicure (and completed the opacity too).  It's a fun polish with a shimmery lavender base and lots of glitter in all shapes and sizes, including hexes, butterflies, shards, and hearts, and all kinds of colors from blue to purple to silver to holographic and iridescent.

Together, these two colors made such a lovely Spring look.

What do you think of this manicure?  What are your favorite colors for Spring?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Enchanted Polish "Hey Jude"

So this post is definitely a better late than never post, sorry guys!

It's gonna be a bit short just cause it's late and I'm not thinking the most clearly haha, so bear with me.

I have an untried indie from my stack to share tonight and I think you're all going to love it...cause I do!
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude

Enchanted Polish Hey Jude
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude
 For this manicure I used Enchanted Polish's Hey Jude from their Imagine Collection, inspired by The Beatles (go figure lol).  This polish is gorgeous!  It's an emerald green multi-chrome that shifts from it's emerald to a sage green, silver, and beautiful purple.  Then on top of that, it has a great scattered holo in it too!

Enchanted Polish is pretty much famous in the nail polish world for its unique and breathtaking polishes, multi-chromes and holos and glitters and everything in between.

This polish is a bit sheer, but buildable, but I decided I'd cut to the chase and put on my undies (OPI Don't Mess With OPI), which in all was a great idea in my opinion.

Flat out, I'm LOVING this manicure, I'm kind of really sad to take it off for tomorrow...but cest la vie, tomorrow will be pretty too (I hope).

Have you tried Enchanted Polish?  If you want to you can find it on Llarowe (and I bought this polish myself though I'll gladly take some for sample hint hint Leah Ann haha...just kidding, but really).

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Friday, February 22, 2013

Jamberry Nail Wraps review

I have another little review to share with you all today!

My friend Jennifer is a seller for Jamberry nail wraps and she was kind enough to send me a sample of this product to share!

The sample she sent consisted of wraps in four different designs and a few sizes to choose from to make sure you could get the best fit for your nail.

The sample I got was the black and white patterns and I decided to best review, I'd use two different sizes and patterns.

This is what I came up with!

Jamberry wraps, Essie No Place Like Chrome, Julep Chloe, & Kleancolor Metallic Pink
I used the nail wraps on my middle and pinkie fingers (if you couldn't guess) and then added a few colors to create what I call my "punk nails".  I'll go quickly through the colors other than the Jamberry wraps, since they're not the focus of this post.

Now, this is the closest to skittle nails you'll probably see me do, for some reason I'm not a huge fan of different colors on every nail, these I like because they're cohesive, but colors bugs me, and I don't know why.

Anyway, for my thumb I used Essie No Place Like Chrome, on my index finger is Julep Chloe (it's hard to tell but its a black with hot pink glitter in it, and its BEAUTIFUL), and on my ring finger is Kleancolor Metallic Pink.

Now, enough of the small talk, down to the nail wraps!

The wraps sample I received came with enough to do about 8 nails, each strip on the plastic could be cut in half to fit two nails.  For the sample I had the option of chevron, polka dots, zebra print, and flowers, all in black and white (which I love).

I decided the geographic patterns would be fun to try first.

Application was fairly easy, after cleaning my nails thoroughly, I cut the strips in half first.  The instructions tell you to remove the strip (which I did with tweezers, a good idea because they are VERY sticky on the back), and blow dry for a bit to make them a bit more flexible.  Now, they seemed pretty flexible to me already, but I wanted to be sure and follow instructions the first time.

Once warm, you line the wrap up with your nail and press firmly, and I do mean firmly, it's the best way to make sure they stick completely.  Then you file off the excess.

You don't need top coat, they're plenty shiny and they stick really well.  I've heard some people like to use a bonder underneath, and next time I might run a quick layer of top coat over the free edge just to smooth everything out, because the filed edges can feel a little rough if you touch your skin.

Down to brass tacks?  I really like these wraps!  The samples were a bit narrow for my nails, but the full sets come with a larger selection of sizes so I don't think that's anything to worry about if you order, not to mention you can't tell unless you look closely.

Wear is great, I wore them to sleep and took a shower with them on and they're still stuck as if I'd just applied them, and though I still have to remove them, I think that will be fairly simple too with a quick soak in polish remover.

Jennifer told me she's been able to keep her wraps on for almost two full weeks, and what's more they can be used on your toes too!

Overall I think these are a GREAT option for people who have little time to do their nails, or have issues with constant chipping.  If you use your hands a lot for work I'd suggest the bonder underneath and application and reapplication of top coat on the free edge as needed just to help with any possible peeling back, though I think you'd have to all out abuse your hands to remove them with anything but high heat or polish remover.

If you're interested in trying Jamberry nail wraps out for yourself, check them out HERE!

You can also find Jennifer's Jamberry wrap info on her Facebook, HERE!

If you've already tried them, tell me what you think!

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes (or wraps)!

~ Cat

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rainbow Honey Oni and Jordana Bronze Fest

So I know it's late, but I promised a post today and I will write one!

Unfortunately, my pink wednesday manicure for this weeks is lost to the manicure gods for now since I can't find the cord to my computer and that means the pictures are stuck on camera memory :(.

But I do have the manicure I wore today to show you!!

Rainbow Honey Oni & Jordana Bronze Fest w/top coat
For this manicure I started with a base of three coats of Rainbow Honey's Oni, a polish with a dark coffee brown base with lots of bronze and gold micro shimmer in it.

Then, to pep it up, I added a thin coat of Jordana's Bronze Fest, a glitter polish with large copper and gold hexes and micro glitters.

I love the look of these two together!  There's something almost three dimensional about it, and it reminds me of fallen leaves (not that I ever see them in Texas).

I know this manicure is probably more fall, and it's nearly March and it was 93 degrees here today, but I just love the warm glow of this combo, so neener neener neener to all the haters.

What do you guys think?  Do you get to have seasons where you live?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Alright guys, i have to give an apology.

I'll have to post my Wednesday manicure tomorrow along with my Thursday manicure because I was dumb and forgot to put my memory card in my camera, so the pics for today are on internal memory and I have to find the darn cord.

I know *facepalm* but both manicures will be up tomorrow!  I promise!!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two-toned Tuesday: China Glaze Kalahari Kiss and Rainbow Honey Kitsune

Back with another manicure, this one for Two-toned Tuesday!

I decided I wanted to do a combination of tape manicure and accent nail, and I found a fun color pair in my name brand and indie collections.

This is what I came up with.

China Glaze Kalahari Kiss & Rainbow Honey Kitsune w/top coat
The main color I used here was China Glaze Kalahari Kiss from the On Safari collection.  This is a nice golden sand, khaki creme polish that's a bit more tan in some lights and bit more yellow in others.  Three coats got to full opaque nicely.

Then I did the accent and triangles with Rainbow Honey Kitsune from the Yokai collection, a golden, cream colored base with red, bronze, gold, and iridescent glitters in it.  This one also went opaque in three coats on the accent nail and did well with the tape for the triangles, no pulling or anything.

I like the subtle change in color and texture for the triangles and just the two colors in general.

But what do you guys think?  Is there a favorite way you have to put together two polish colors in one manicure?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Monday, February 18, 2013

Nail Art Monday: Holographic Leopard

So I'm trying this new thing, mostly to help me come up with manicure ideas without my head exploding trying to figure out what to wear next, haha.

I'm going to try and do themed days.

What I'm looking at now is:

Nail Art Mondays
Two-toned Tuesdays (manicures with multiple colors accent nails, gradients, french, half moons, etc.)
Pink Wednesday
Indie Thrusday

And then I'm still trying to decide for Friday-Sunday, I think I can do swatch Saturday &/or Sunday, but I'd love to hear all your ideas!  Leave them below!

Anyways, I wanted to start with my Nail Art Mondays and show you all my first attempt at leopard print nails.

Color Club Halo Hues Beyond, Essie No Place Like Chrome w/top coat
Now, I can't decide if I like this first leopard print pattern I've ever done.  I do think it resembles leopard, but I just can't decide if it looks good enough to my ridiculous standards haha.

Other than that, the general concept is something I'm a fan of. 

I started with two coats of Color Club Beyond, from their new line of Halo Hues.  This is a FANTASTIC holographic black if you're looking, a nice dark shade of black but with brilliant linear holo goodness.

Then for the spots I used Essie No Place Like Chrome from their Mirror Metallics collection, and bright silver foil metallic that is a lot of fun.

What do you guys think?  Is this leopard print a hit or a miss for me? 

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Product Review: Wonder Beauty Products

I'm back with the second part of the reviews for the products Llarowe sent me!

Yesterday I had my review of the Nail Pattern Boldness products.  Today I have a review of some Wonder Beauty Products polishes for you all.

This one is gonna get kinda long so I think i'll just jump right in!

Wonder Beauty Products Let's Play Footsie w/ top coat
First up is Wonder Beauty Products "Let's Play Footsie".  This is a hot pink jelly base with tiny sprakles, and various sizes of red, pink, gold, and silver hex glitters. 

The formula on this polish is a dream!  The jelly coats evenly and even with this much glitter doesn't get goopy.  It is a bit sheer as you can probably see, even after three coats, so if you're not a fan of VNL, some undies would be a good idea.  But this polish is very pretty.  The pink tone, though clearly a hot pink is still rather muted, which I attribute to the sheerness of the base.  And it's one of those pinks that it's hard to tell if it's more red or blue based, cause it shifts a bit in the light, so I'm going to with medium at this point.

Removal was pretty easy.  The jelly base dissolves easily in polish remover and the glitters seemed to come off fairly easily.  But this one can be a good candidate for the soak method too, or any other technique you use to remove glitter polishes.

Wonder Beauty Products Kismet w/ top coat
The next polish is Wonder Beauty Products "Kismet".  This is a bright, almost metallic blue base with teal hex glitters, silver shimmer, and fuschia flakes/shards in it.

The formula for this polish was a bit thick and streaky for at least the first two coats, but the third coat evened it out fairly well.  It can dry a bit dull, so I do recommend top coat to make the blue base and the glitter pop.  In three coats it's completely opaque, but for any less than three coats I strongly recommend undies.  You'll need a little patience, though the glitter lays easily without dabbing, the streaky finish and thick texture can get a little frustrating if you're in a hurry.  But the pay off at the end is lovely!

Removal can get a little tough for this one because it has so much glitter.  You can remove it with regular polish remover technique, but it'll take a little time.  The soak method will work perfectly though.  There is also the chance for a little staining around the cuticle but nothing drastic.

Wonder Beauty Products Roxie Hart w/o top coat
Third, I have Wonder Beauty Products "Roxie Hart", a fun glitter top coat, inspired by 1920s flappers and burlesque shows, which has red and silver bar glitter, multi-size silver hex glitters, and black heart shaped glitter.

The formula on this one is pretty average, the clear base is easy to work with but with such large glitter pieces there is some dabbing that needs to be done to get a good variety of glitter on the nail.  The plus, compared to other heavy glitter toppers is that even dabbing, the polish dries really quickly.  To get the hearts on the brush you do have to do a bit of fishing in the bottle, but they're really well suspended so it's not as difficult a task as with some other polishes with shaped glitter.  Here I have what ended up being basically three coats with no top coat.  I like to swatch glitter toppers over naked nails so it's easier to see just how concentrated the glitter gets.

Removal of this polish isn't terrible, best done with the soak method of course, but the usual removal method can get the job done with a little effort.

Wonder Beauty Products Euphoria w/ top coat
Last, but certainly not least, is Wonder Beauty Products "Euphoria", a dusty aubergine holographic polish.  Yes, I said HOLOGRAPHIC! 

The formula for this one got a little streaky in the first coat, it was a bit hard to her the coat even.  And then the second coat tended to pick up the dry polish a bit.  But once I got the hang of just how much to have on the brush, the third coat came out perfectly.  The holo in this polish is subtle but a very pretty linear that just highlights the polish in the right light.  And the color is nice, it has a brownish tint to it, but it's clearly a deep purple color, a very nice way to bring out neutrals or earth tones for your nails.  I used top coat (i always use top coat on holos, and I know some people don't like to) to make the color pop since it can dry a bit dull like most holos.

Removal for this one was really easy, typical polish remover and it comes right off, no staining or anything either.

Overall, these polishes from Wonder Beauty Products are all really nice with only a few flaws in just a few of them, but nothing that can't be overcome.  A couple of things I do want to note that applied to all the polishes, and that I loved were dry time and glitter suspension. 

All of these polishes dry REALLY quickly which is always a plus.  And in the bottle, the glitter suspension is fantastic, a rare occurrence in hand made polishes, but always a big deal.

I'd definitely purchase more Wonder Beauty Products polishes in the future, even with the occasional streaky or thick formula, it's nothing that would keep me from using these polishes.

What do you guys think?  Have you tried Wonder Beauty Products?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Product Review: Nail Pattern Boldness

So imagine my extreme surprise and pleasure when I checked my mail yesterday and found a mysterious package.

Then imagine how much I wanted to run around the block yelling when I realized it was sent to me from Llarowe!

I could barely contain myself as I tried to open it (slowly so i didn't cut myself while I was so excited lol), and then finding what was inside!

Now, here I am to share it with you!  I'll be breaking the polishes into two blog posts for the two brands I was given to review.

The first of the reviews is for the two polishes from Nail Pattern Boldness I received.

Nail Pattern Boldness Flipping Out Hard (w/ top coat)
The first polish I have to show is Nail Pattern Boldness' "Flipping Out Hard", a super bright yellow-green, green, and aqua matte micro-glitter polish.  Shown here, I have three coats, which brings the polish to full opacity, and top coat.

For formula, this polish can become a bit thick, so it takes a little work to get everything even, especially since it dries very textured  (which is a fun look too btw).  But after three coats it looks great.  Of course, this polish would also look great with a few coats over some coordinating undies.

Removal for this polish is pretty typical of highly textured micro-glitters.  It can get a bit tough to simply rub off with a cotton ball and polish remover.  So my go to removal method is the soak method.  However there may be some really good glitter removal methods that I haven't heard of yet that are a little less harsh, so feel free to share those with me!

Now, if any of you have or have seen Nail Venturous/Ninja Polish Floam, you might see some similarities, in fact Ninja Polish has a polish called Sunny Floam, and though I don't have it to compare, Flipping Out Hard and Sunny Floam seem pretty similar, though Floam is a bit more well behaved.  But Flipping Out Hard is a lot of fun and a great bright color that would find a great place in your Spring/Summer manicures!

Nail Parttern Boldness Allons-Y (w/ top coat)
Polish #2 is Nail Pattern Boldness "Allons-Y" from their Time Traveler Collection based off of Doctor Who, excuse me while I fangirl...OMG I HAVE A DOCTOR WHO NAIL POLISH!!!!  Alright, I'm back. This polish is a gorgeous mixture of silver, gunmetal, blue, and green micro glitters and even has a flash of violet micro glitters in some light.  At three coats it's not quite completely opaque, but it's pretty close.  The picture above is three coats with top coat.

The formula of this polish is really nice!  Not too thick, but still packed with glitter.  It goes on evenly and dries with a subtle glitter texture.  I think this one would look great as a glitter coat over polish or by itself.

Removing this one isn't quite as tough as with Flipping Out Hard, with the thinner formula it is an option to use typical polish remover technique, though it might take a little longer, but this one responds well the to soak method too.

Overall, both of these polishes are beautiful, unique and a lot of fun!  These two certainly represent opposite ends of the spectrum, from super bright neon to a nice fairly subtle silver sparkle.  I really like both of these and will definitely be picking some more Nail Pattern Boldness to buy for myself in the future!

What do you guys think of them?  Do you have a favorite Nail Pattern Boldness polish?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Hint of Rose Gold: Julep Joan & Julep Jane

I'm still plodding through my untrieds (for the rest of my life I'm sure haha). 

But it's not a bad job, it's painting my nails!  I mean come on!

Anyways, I have another manicure (and a chance to use two polishes at once) to share!!

Julep Joan, Julep Jane, Cheeky Stamp CH 37
For this manicure I used Julep Joan for my main color.  Julep describes it as a "raspberry plum with rose gold shimmer".  I'd say that's a really accurate description, wouldn't you?  The formula on this one can get a bit streaky but by coat through looks just fine, and its even nicer because the shimmer doesn't sink into the color, so it flashes nicely in the right light.  I do have to warn though, that this polish stained my nails quite a bit, so be prepared for some nail whitening after you remove it.

To bring out the rose gold in Joan, I decided to add an accent of Julep Jane, a rose gold glitter named for the founder of Julep.  This polish is a like the other glitters I have from Julep, it can get a little thick and gloppy, but the payoff after three coats is SO worth it!

I also wanted to add a little extra something and decided to pull out my stamping plates.  I found this fan design on Cheeky's CH37 plate and added it to my accent nail with some Finger Paints Black Expressionism, my favorite black polish. :)

So what do you guys think?

My obsession with rose gold is showing isn't it? HAHA

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails: Nail Bliss Appliques

I have my Valentine's Day manicure done and ready to show you guys!

I'm super happy about this one, though I put WAY more work in it than was actually necessary :/.  Oh well!

A few Sally's 50% off clearance sales ago, I was able to get my hands on some of their Nail Bliss nail appliques, wanting to try them.

I have tried similar products, like the Sally Hansen Real Nail strips, which I like but just lack the patience to put on properly enough to keep them longer than a day (totally my fault I know).

But I thought I'd try these just because they were so cute and had 3D elements to them, plus they were on mega sale.

I've been trying to figure out a good time to use some of the ones I picked up and finally figured out I could use one of the patterns for V-Day!

Nail Bliss Bling floral appliques
 This particular set of appliques have some really cute pink and purple flowers and some shining dew drop looking jewels on them.

Now, these appliques, compared to nail polish strips, are much easier for me.  They're basically a sticker, a vinyl like sticker with super sticky adhesive.  However the instructions for these are basically the same, find the right size, stick on, smooth out, file off the excess.  And then I added some top coat the the free edge of my nails to keep them from peeling back.

I was afraid getting them wet would make them peel, but i've washed my hands a few times already and they're still stuck fast. 

I should mention that the instruction imply putting them on bare nails, which probably would be fine, but I thought they'd stick a bit better the polish than natural nail, just because nails have oils in them.  Plus, I thought they were more sheer than they ended up being.  That's where to way more effort than needed came in, because I painted on four coats of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Diamond before sticking on the appliques, which you can't even see. :(

But either way, I think the appliques look really cute, and I'm really impressed with their staying power.  I'll certainly be picking more of these up from Sally's!

Have you guys tried other nail appliques and stickers?  What did you think!

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Guest Post for Nailtastic Fun!

Hello all!

So I was invited by my friend Krystal to do a guest blogger post for her, on her blog Nailtastic Fun!

I wanted to make sure I did something fun and new for this and I think (also known as hope) that I achieved that!

I've recently been able to get my hands on OPI's new Liquid Sand polishes from the Mariah Carey collection and I just new I'd have to do a blog post on it soon, and this presented a great opportunity for me to do just that.

I've been trying to get through some of untrieds lately, so I've been desperately trying to find ways to eliminate more than one polish at a time.  When coming up with an idea for this post I wanted to see if I could do that and then it came to me...GRADIENT!

OPI Get Your Number & OPI No Room for the Blues

So this is the result!  I uses three coats of OPI Get Your Number on my thumb, index, and middle fingers, and then three coats of OPI No Room for the Blues on my ring and pinky fingers.

Then, using a makeup sponge, I dabbed on some of the Get Your Number to the tips of my ring and pinky fingers.  To make sure the blue of the liquid sand polish showed, I painted on just a bit of it out of the bottle to the tip and kind of faded the edges with the sponge.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and also really glad that the liquid sand polishes don't just down right annoy me, haha.  They're a neat texture and have so much more sparkle than shows up in pictures.  I had been afraid that touching anything would feel like nails on a chalkboard, but I was wrong, which was a pleasant realization.

So what do you guys think?  Did I do a decent job as a guest blogger?

Be sure to check out Krystal's blog too!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Lemming Alert! OPI Coral Reef

I'm here, ready to show you one of the gems of my collection today!

I have been looking for opportunities to fill some of my bigger lemmings lately, but that's not always easy.

That being said, I did manage to find one of my HTF OPI lemmings on a blog sale, and jumped on that cause it was a GREAT deal!

Which OPI?  Why, none other than Coral Reef from the It's Summer for Shore collection, Summer 2008.  Yup, a black label, original OPI holo!

I'm so excited to show it to you!

In full light (LED and Ceiling Fan)

LED light
Now, first I have to say, OPI needs to get back into making these!  Now that they can go 3-free, holos can be a whole new rage for them!  As a black label, this color has that old school chemical polish smell, but you get over that quickly when you see it on.

The holos in this collection can be really sheer, though highly pigmented, I had to put on undies, two coats of OPI Call Me Gwen-ever, and then two coats of Coral Reef to get this gorgeous holo glow!

I'm SO happy I got my hands on this beauty, and it'll definitely be a prized piece in my stash!

What do you guys think?  Have any favorite holos?

Let me know below!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jindie Nails Strawberry Cupcake

Time for another manicure for you guys!

Today, I have another gorgeous indie to show you, and I think (well I HOPE) you'll like it.

It's cute and fun...and just plain pretty!

What is it you ask?

Why, it's Jindie Nails Strawberry Cupcake of course!

Strawberry Cupcake is a pale pink polish full of teal, hot pink, purple, white, and silver glitter in multiple sizes.  It goes on smoothly and has AMAZING dry time!  One coat is actually gorgeous for a nice subtle pink with a few sprinkles of glitter, but the picture is at three coats for full opacity.

Also, for the picture, I wanted to add a little bit of extra magic, so I sprinkled (added 2 coats) of China Glaze Fairy Dust over the polish, followed by two coats of top coat, which came out VERY smooth because the glitter in this polish is nowhere near hungry!

So what do you guys think?

Let me know below!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Monday, February 4, 2013

Layla Ceramic Effects CE-52 The Butterfly Effect

Have another manicure for you guys!

This one I'm excited to share, mostly because I was excited to get my hands on the polish, and on clearance of all things!!

Layla is a brand that makes some gorgeous polish colors, and some of their more recent releases are their Ceramic Effects polishes.

These polishes are meant to have a smooth, ceramic finish as well as have beautiful colors.

CE 52 is definitely falling in these descriptions.

The Butterfly Effect (as CE 52 is also called), is a flakie in a bright purple jelly. 

In the light, the flakes flash red to orange to gold to green and just add this almost agate like look to the polish.

In the picture there is some clear VNL, but in person you can't really see that.  All you see is the flashes of color and the bright royal purple base.

The only issue with this polish, as with most flakies, is just how hard it is to remove.  You may get what looks like all the polish off, but the flakes being so thin, tend to stick around.

Nevertheless, this polish is pretty enough to put up with that haha.

What do you guys think?  Do you have any flakies or Layla's that you just love?

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Geometry with Chanel Mimosa and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Have a new manicure for you all today!

I recently acquired a bottle of Chanel Mimosa and instantly fell in love! 

I was desperately searching for a way to wear it that was a bit more than simple yellow nails (which with Mimosa wouldn't have been a bad thing anyway).

Then I came up with a two-toned geometric pattern idea and just had to try it!

Here are the results:

Now, my lighting isn't the greatest (one day I will have a proper lighting set up, just need the time, space and money haha).  But, you can still kind of see the subtle shimmer in Mimosa that just gives it a touch more depth than your typical buttery, sunshine yellow creme.  The formula is kind of on the sheer side, so I had to use 4 coats for this manicure, but it's think enough that it doesn't feel heavy on the nail.

For the geometric pattern, I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  Using some scotch tape, stuck on my hand a few times to take away a bit of the adhesive, i figured out where I wanted my stripe and painted a coat of polish, removed the tape and moved on to the next nail.  Then using some dotting tools in graduated sizes, I did my dot pattern, inverting it for the accent nail on the ring finger.

Then to finish off, I used my new Julep Freedom Top Coat, which I'm now completely in love with!  One coat, about 30 seconds under a table lamp and I had a fully cured, gel-like top coat!  I do have to say, when using the top coat, make sure ALL polish is dry.  My coats of Mimosa were but my OPI polish wasn't completely when I put it on and I had a bit of shrinking and stretching of the white polish on some nails, nothing bad though.

I'm loving this manicure right now!  It's cute and simple and thanks to my new top coat, super shiny!

What do you guys think?  What are some of your simple nail art ideas?  Do you have a polish you fell in love with at first sight?

Let me know below!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Julep Maven Box!

Hi all!

I have my February Julep Maven Box to share with you today!

In case you're still waiting on yours, I will post this... *SPOLIER ALERT!*

Alright, now that that business is done haha, we can get on to talking about the box!

This month's box is Julep's A-List Glamour Collection, a collection of polish based on the beautiful and glamorous ladies of Hollywood.

For my box this month, I went with my usual style of "It Girl".  It came with three polishes and some LOVELY extras!  I also added two more polishes from other styles that I want to have this month also.

The polishes that came with the "It Girl" box this month were:

     - Joan ~ "Raspberry plum with rose gold shimmer" inspired by Joan Crawford
     - Marion ~ "Smoky blue with silver shimmer" inspired by Marion Cotillard
     - Rebel ~ "Silver holographic" inspired by Rebel Wilson

My add-on colors this month were:
     - Ginger ~ "Sand holographic" inspired by inspired by Ginger Rogers
     - Julianne ~ "Smoky grey blue crème" inspired by Julianne Moore

Along with those colors came the extras Julep likes to throw in for us!

First is the Freedom Top Coat, a new product from Julep that's a gel-like top coat that is cured under regular light from a 60-watt bulb.  It's supposed to keep your polish lasting longer, and give it a gel shine.  I'm really excited to try it!

The other fun extra from Julep this month was an eyelash curler!  I know adorable right!

I'm really excited about this month's box and I love the colors I received and can't wait to wear them.

Just for you guys to see, I have swatches of all five polishes!

Are you a Maven?  Do you want to be?  It's really easy and a lot of fun!  For $19.99 a month you can get up to three polishes (normal price $14 each!).  You can skip any time and cancel at any time as well!  What have you go to lose?

If you're interested click HERE!  If you enter the code "PENNY" at check out after taking your Style Quiz, you can get your very first box for just $0.01!!!!! 

How'd you like you Maven box if you already are one?

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat