Sunday, February 17, 2013

Product Review: Wonder Beauty Products

I'm back with the second part of the reviews for the products Llarowe sent me!

Yesterday I had my review of the Nail Pattern Boldness products.  Today I have a review of some Wonder Beauty Products polishes for you all.

This one is gonna get kinda long so I think i'll just jump right in!

Wonder Beauty Products Let's Play Footsie w/ top coat
First up is Wonder Beauty Products "Let's Play Footsie".  This is a hot pink jelly base with tiny sprakles, and various sizes of red, pink, gold, and silver hex glitters. 

The formula on this polish is a dream!  The jelly coats evenly and even with this much glitter doesn't get goopy.  It is a bit sheer as you can probably see, even after three coats, so if you're not a fan of VNL, some undies would be a good idea.  But this polish is very pretty.  The pink tone, though clearly a hot pink is still rather muted, which I attribute to the sheerness of the base.  And it's one of those pinks that it's hard to tell if it's more red or blue based, cause it shifts a bit in the light, so I'm going to with medium at this point.

Removal was pretty easy.  The jelly base dissolves easily in polish remover and the glitters seemed to come off fairly easily.  But this one can be a good candidate for the soak method too, or any other technique you use to remove glitter polishes.

Wonder Beauty Products Kismet w/ top coat
The next polish is Wonder Beauty Products "Kismet".  This is a bright, almost metallic blue base with teal hex glitters, silver shimmer, and fuschia flakes/shards in it.

The formula for this polish was a bit thick and streaky for at least the first two coats, but the third coat evened it out fairly well.  It can dry a bit dull, so I do recommend top coat to make the blue base and the glitter pop.  In three coats it's completely opaque, but for any less than three coats I strongly recommend undies.  You'll need a little patience, though the glitter lays easily without dabbing, the streaky finish and thick texture can get a little frustrating if you're in a hurry.  But the pay off at the end is lovely!

Removal can get a little tough for this one because it has so much glitter.  You can remove it with regular polish remover technique, but it'll take a little time.  The soak method will work perfectly though.  There is also the chance for a little staining around the cuticle but nothing drastic.

Wonder Beauty Products Roxie Hart w/o top coat
Third, I have Wonder Beauty Products "Roxie Hart", a fun glitter top coat, inspired by 1920s flappers and burlesque shows, which has red and silver bar glitter, multi-size silver hex glitters, and black heart shaped glitter.

The formula on this one is pretty average, the clear base is easy to work with but with such large glitter pieces there is some dabbing that needs to be done to get a good variety of glitter on the nail.  The plus, compared to other heavy glitter toppers is that even dabbing, the polish dries really quickly.  To get the hearts on the brush you do have to do a bit of fishing in the bottle, but they're really well suspended so it's not as difficult a task as with some other polishes with shaped glitter.  Here I have what ended up being basically three coats with no top coat.  I like to swatch glitter toppers over naked nails so it's easier to see just how concentrated the glitter gets.

Removal of this polish isn't terrible, best done with the soak method of course, but the usual removal method can get the job done with a little effort.

Wonder Beauty Products Euphoria w/ top coat
Last, but certainly not least, is Wonder Beauty Products "Euphoria", a dusty aubergine holographic polish.  Yes, I said HOLOGRAPHIC! 

The formula for this one got a little streaky in the first coat, it was a bit hard to her the coat even.  And then the second coat tended to pick up the dry polish a bit.  But once I got the hang of just how much to have on the brush, the third coat came out perfectly.  The holo in this polish is subtle but a very pretty linear that just highlights the polish in the right light.  And the color is nice, it has a brownish tint to it, but it's clearly a deep purple color, a very nice way to bring out neutrals or earth tones for your nails.  I used top coat (i always use top coat on holos, and I know some people don't like to) to make the color pop since it can dry a bit dull like most holos.

Removal for this one was really easy, typical polish remover and it comes right off, no staining or anything either.

Overall, these polishes from Wonder Beauty Products are all really nice with only a few flaws in just a few of them, but nothing that can't be overcome.  A couple of things I do want to note that applied to all the polishes, and that I loved were dry time and glitter suspension. 

All of these polishes dry REALLY quickly which is always a plus.  And in the bottle, the glitter suspension is fantastic, a rare occurrence in hand made polishes, but always a big deal.

I'd definitely purchase more Wonder Beauty Products polishes in the future, even with the occasional streaky or thick formula, it's nothing that would keep me from using these polishes.

What do you guys think?  Have you tried Wonder Beauty Products?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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