Saturday, February 16, 2013

Product Review: Nail Pattern Boldness

So imagine my extreme surprise and pleasure when I checked my mail yesterday and found a mysterious package.

Then imagine how much I wanted to run around the block yelling when I realized it was sent to me from Llarowe!

I could barely contain myself as I tried to open it (slowly so i didn't cut myself while I was so excited lol), and then finding what was inside!

Now, here I am to share it with you!  I'll be breaking the polishes into two blog posts for the two brands I was given to review.

The first of the reviews is for the two polishes from Nail Pattern Boldness I received.

Nail Pattern Boldness Flipping Out Hard (w/ top coat)
The first polish I have to show is Nail Pattern Boldness' "Flipping Out Hard", a super bright yellow-green, green, and aqua matte micro-glitter polish.  Shown here, I have three coats, which brings the polish to full opacity, and top coat.

For formula, this polish can become a bit thick, so it takes a little work to get everything even, especially since it dries very textured  (which is a fun look too btw).  But after three coats it looks great.  Of course, this polish would also look great with a few coats over some coordinating undies.

Removal for this polish is pretty typical of highly textured micro-glitters.  It can get a bit tough to simply rub off with a cotton ball and polish remover.  So my go to removal method is the soak method.  However there may be some really good glitter removal methods that I haven't heard of yet that are a little less harsh, so feel free to share those with me!

Now, if any of you have or have seen Nail Venturous/Ninja Polish Floam, you might see some similarities, in fact Ninja Polish has a polish called Sunny Floam, and though I don't have it to compare, Flipping Out Hard and Sunny Floam seem pretty similar, though Floam is a bit more well behaved.  But Flipping Out Hard is a lot of fun and a great bright color that would find a great place in your Spring/Summer manicures!

Nail Parttern Boldness Allons-Y (w/ top coat)
Polish #2 is Nail Pattern Boldness "Allons-Y" from their Time Traveler Collection based off of Doctor Who, excuse me while I fangirl...OMG I HAVE A DOCTOR WHO NAIL POLISH!!!!  Alright, I'm back. This polish is a gorgeous mixture of silver, gunmetal, blue, and green micro glitters and even has a flash of violet micro glitters in some light.  At three coats it's not quite completely opaque, but it's pretty close.  The picture above is three coats with top coat.

The formula of this polish is really nice!  Not too thick, but still packed with glitter.  It goes on evenly and dries with a subtle glitter texture.  I think this one would look great as a glitter coat over polish or by itself.

Removing this one isn't quite as tough as with Flipping Out Hard, with the thinner formula it is an option to use typical polish remover technique, though it might take a little longer, but this one responds well the to soak method too.

Overall, both of these polishes are beautiful, unique and a lot of fun!  These two certainly represent opposite ends of the spectrum, from super bright neon to a nice fairly subtle silver sparkle.  I really like both of these and will definitely be picking some more Nail Pattern Boldness to buy for myself in the future!

What do you guys think of them?  Do you have a favorite Nail Pattern Boldness polish?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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