Friday, February 22, 2013

Jamberry Nail Wraps review

I have another little review to share with you all today!

My friend Jennifer is a seller for Jamberry nail wraps and she was kind enough to send me a sample of this product to share!

The sample she sent consisted of wraps in four different designs and a few sizes to choose from to make sure you could get the best fit for your nail.

The sample I got was the black and white patterns and I decided to best review, I'd use two different sizes and patterns.

This is what I came up with!

Jamberry wraps, Essie No Place Like Chrome, Julep Chloe, & Kleancolor Metallic Pink
I used the nail wraps on my middle and pinkie fingers (if you couldn't guess) and then added a few colors to create what I call my "punk nails".  I'll go quickly through the colors other than the Jamberry wraps, since they're not the focus of this post.

Now, this is the closest to skittle nails you'll probably see me do, for some reason I'm not a huge fan of different colors on every nail, these I like because they're cohesive, but colors bugs me, and I don't know why.

Anyway, for my thumb I used Essie No Place Like Chrome, on my index finger is Julep Chloe (it's hard to tell but its a black with hot pink glitter in it, and its BEAUTIFUL), and on my ring finger is Kleancolor Metallic Pink.

Now, enough of the small talk, down to the nail wraps!

The wraps sample I received came with enough to do about 8 nails, each strip on the plastic could be cut in half to fit two nails.  For the sample I had the option of chevron, polka dots, zebra print, and flowers, all in black and white (which I love).

I decided the geographic patterns would be fun to try first.

Application was fairly easy, after cleaning my nails thoroughly, I cut the strips in half first.  The instructions tell you to remove the strip (which I did with tweezers, a good idea because they are VERY sticky on the back), and blow dry for a bit to make them a bit more flexible.  Now, they seemed pretty flexible to me already, but I wanted to be sure and follow instructions the first time.

Once warm, you line the wrap up with your nail and press firmly, and I do mean firmly, it's the best way to make sure they stick completely.  Then you file off the excess.

You don't need top coat, they're plenty shiny and they stick really well.  I've heard some people like to use a bonder underneath, and next time I might run a quick layer of top coat over the free edge just to smooth everything out, because the filed edges can feel a little rough if you touch your skin.

Down to brass tacks?  I really like these wraps!  The samples were a bit narrow for my nails, but the full sets come with a larger selection of sizes so I don't think that's anything to worry about if you order, not to mention you can't tell unless you look closely.

Wear is great, I wore them to sleep and took a shower with them on and they're still stuck as if I'd just applied them, and though I still have to remove them, I think that will be fairly simple too with a quick soak in polish remover.

Jennifer told me she's been able to keep her wraps on for almost two full weeks, and what's more they can be used on your toes too!

Overall I think these are a GREAT option for people who have little time to do their nails, or have issues with constant chipping.  If you use your hands a lot for work I'd suggest the bonder underneath and application and reapplication of top coat on the free edge as needed just to help with any possible peeling back, though I think you'd have to all out abuse your hands to remove them with anything but high heat or polish remover.

If you're interested in trying Jamberry nail wraps out for yourself, check them out HERE!

You can also find Jennifer's Jamberry wrap info on her Facebook, HERE!

If you've already tried them, tell me what you think!

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes (or wraps)!

~ Cat

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