Monday, April 1, 2013

OPI Vant to Bite My Neck? & Julep Brooke

Another day has come, which means something new on my nails!

I wanted to work with a bit of purple (one of my favorite nail colors) and I had a great dark purple I wanted to try.

Here's what I came up with!

OPI Vant to Bite My Neck? & Julep Brooke
I picked up OPI Vant to Bite My Neck? a few weeks ago from the Euro Centrale Collection, mostly because I find it hard to resist purples haha.  But this one stood out, even as a creme, simply because it looked like a dark purple that wouldn't look black on the nail.

So, when I decided to wear purple, I picked it to test my theory and I was right!  Vant to Bite My Neck? is a gorgeous deep violet, grape purple creme that's rich and luxurious, as all purples should be. 

But me being me, I couldn't leave a simple creme well enough alone and I went to my glitters and top coats and found Julep Brooke, a shimmer top coat with violet to green to gold multichrome shimmer pieces in it, and I added a coat to the top of Vant to Bite My Neck? to give it a bit more pop.  Though the multichrome doesn't photograph well, it's very pretty in person!

What do you guys think?  What's the one nail polish color you can't resist no matter how many dupes you might have?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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