Monday, April 29, 2013

Catch Up: China Glaze Papaya Punch and Finger Paints Motley with Julep Taylor

Yet another catch up post from me guys, sorry!

Yesterday went faster than I expected and then I had to go to bed early for an appointment today.

As a result, I have two manicure in one post again!

You all don't mind, right?

Of course not!

So let's jump in!

China Glaze Papaya Punch
On my nails yesterday I had the sunny bright beauty that is China Glaze Papaya Punch.  This is a really bright yellow-orange creme, though not a true neon.  The color was beautiful and certainly brightened up the rainy day I had yesterday.  The formula was a bit streaky, even after three coats, but the top coat I put on camouflaged that pretty well I think.  There was a little cuticle staining from clean up I didn't notice until I took the picture, but the polish itself didn't stain when I removed it.

Finger Paints Motley over Julep Taylor
Then today I had a fun manicure with a subtle sparkle.  I started with a base of Julep Taylor, an interesting blue creme that is a unique blend of lapis, periwinkle, and lavender, and it is very bright, almost giving off a neon glow.  Then over that I wanted to add a little dimension to the look so I went to all my sparklies and found my bottle of Finger Paints Motley, from their Special FX flakies.  I added a coat over Taylor and now the manicure has a subtle flash of blue and green flakes in it  (very subtly shown in the picture but more visible in person).


What do you guys think of my last two manicures?  Sorry for the catch up posts and it probably won't be the last this week, looking to be pretty busy haha.

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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