Sunday, April 7, 2013

Swatched: OPI Oz the Great and Powerful Soft Shades Collection 2013

I have swatches for you today!!!

I know it's been way too long before I did a true swatch post, but so many new collections have been released (and found their way into my collection) that I now have a bit more swatch foder to share over the next few weeks!

One such recent collection that I was able to get my hands on by means of a great swap with my good friend Kim, was the OPI Soft Shades for 2013 themed on the new film Oz the Great and Powerful, which is what I have to show you all today!

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble
First up is Don't Burst My Bubble, a sheer, pink-tinted white polish.  I really liked this polish, it has a nice mod look to it but is still delicate.

OPI Which is Witch?
Next is Which is Witch?.  This polish is a glitter coat made up of holo mini bar glitter and hex pieces.  It goes on smoothly and coats well in a single stroke without having to dab the glitter on, and the holo effect is brilliant.

OPI Glints of Glinda
Now we have Glints of Glinda, a sheer warm nude that's a very nice subtle look.  I'll have to wear this in a full manicure for a whole day or two to decide how much I like this polish with my skin tone, though in the picture I quite like it.

OPI When Monkey's Fly
Next is When Monkey's Fly, another glitter coat with holographic silver hexes and large gold hexes.  Now, this particular polish has been the source of much drama in the nail polish community since it's release.  It began with the complaints of the curling or "taco-ing" of the large glitters in the polish, which is technically a flaw in the glitter from a reaction to the chemicals in the polish base, and for many people something that is completely unacceptable in any polish, let alone a salon brand.  But I think most people would have gotten over the issues (myself for example am a big weirdo and like the curling effect) if OPI hadn't first attempted to explain that the curling was intentional and then announced they were trying to find a solution to the problem.  People get a bit touchy with their polish if they're as addicted as most of us are.  I am more annoyed by the lack of grammatical correctness in the name of the polish itself haha.

OPI I Theodora You
Then there is I Theodora You, a sheer, pale pink shade that also has a nice delicate but mod feel to it.  I have to say this one is probably my favorite of the solid shades.  It's a really nice shade of pink and just opaque enough to to not look odd on the nail.

OPI The Lights of Emerald City
The last glitter is The Lights of Emerald City, a polish made up of iridescent small square and larger white matte square glitters.  Now, for me it's kind of a draw for favorite glitter between this one and Which is Witch?.  I like all the glitters but these two are the standouts and I think my favorite will simply depend on the look I'm going for.

OPI What Wizardry is This
And the last polish from the collection is What Wizardry Is This, a new release of OPI's liquid sand textured polishes, first released with the Mariah Carey collection.  This polish a shimmery bronzey-brown that dries with a very pretty sparkly gritty finish like the other liquid sands, though this one seems a bit smoother in texture than the Mariah liquid sands, I think because it doesn't have the large amount of different sized glitters in it like the Mariah polishes did.

Overall, I love this line, I have a few that I need to get used to in full manicure form but I think I'll have some great favorites from this collection, especially for simple work-place manicures.

All pictures are shown without top coat, so as you can tell they're all fairly shiny on their own and dry very smoothly and go on evenly.

What do you guys think of this collection?  Do you have a favorite Soft Shades collection?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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