Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pink Wednesday: OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster

It's Pink Wednesday again!

Now some of you guys may say today's polish isn't pink after looking at the pictures, but believe me it's much more pink in real life!

OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster
This is OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster a pink-red-coral polish with a creme base and a subtle red/pink shimmer in it.  Sadly, my far less than professional photography equipment (aka: my digital point and shoot camera) can't capture the shimmer in this one, but it's a lot of fun in the sunlight!

And as I mentioned before, the pink tone in this one didn't show up all that well in pictures either, but it certainly is there!

What do you guys think?  Have any polishes that just look amazing in person but don't show up on film?

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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