Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pour some sugar on me...

I'm back!!

I have for you all today my final Halloween manicure!  This one technically overlaps Halloween and the first couple of days of November. 

Today's manicure brings in a lot of home for me, a celebration of Dia de los Muertes and the art that is sugar skulls.

Now some of you may not think it's particularly Halloween looking (other than the sugar skull kind of), but I wanted to make sure it was closer to the aesthetic of the actual celebration.  So we got the result you are about to see!

I used three coats of the colors (from thumb to pinky).  Sinful Colors Aquamarine, Julep Niecy, OPI Green-Wich Village, Orly Au Champagne, and Nina Ultra Pro Tangerine Dream.  For the detail on the sugar skull, I used black acrylic paint and some precut fimo flowers from a dial-a-style I got at Sally's.

Here's a close up of the sugar skull for you all:

I'm really like how colorful this one is!  Dia de los Muertos is such an interesting holiday to me, and there's something kind of beautiful in the symbolism and ceremony of it all.

I hope you're all enjoying this manicure too!

I'm kind of sad to see this manicure marathon end, but not this just means I get to do even more things!  Coming up I have swatches, NOTDs, nail art, and more!

If you guys have any requests, ideas, suggestions, comments, or questions feel free to leave them!  (Thanks to the suggestion of the lovely Fingers, I have now removed that pesky word verification issue, sorry about that guys.)

I look forward to so much more with all of you!!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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