Friday, October 5, 2012

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

Hello again!

I'm back with my next spooky manicure for you all to see!  If you're a fan of the macbre, or a fan of Punisher (for my comic book fans)  then I think you'll have a great appreciation for this particular paint job!

I know that lead in might be kind of interesting, or for some confusing, but once you see my nails you might understand what I mean.

Keeping with my Halloween theme, I couldn't have a month of nails without a skull manicure!

There are a lot of options for skulls, but when it comes to spooky I try not to be too cute with things, besides, who wants to see a cute skull?!  So I wanted to be sure they weren't cartoon like, but I don't have nearly enough dexterity in both my hands to master amazing nail paintings, so I had to find something kind of in between, and I think they look pretty cool myself.  (In fact, I got a few compliments at lunch today!)

Anyways, to the photos!

 Photos are taken in direct sunlight.

To paint these, I used a nail polish from Forever 21's Love & Beauty line called Taupe.  As you can see its much more of a cream than a taupe, but whatever, none of their colors have accurate names.  If you'd like this one, I'm not sure how available this color is, since Forever 21 changes out their polish inventory constantly, and I don't think any two stores care the same colors, but for a similar polish, just look for a cream with a hint of tan, and a slightly pearly finish.  To do the skull details, I used black acrylic paint and tiny brush, but you can use liners or nail polish pens if you have them, the details might come out a bit nicer with those (though no skull is perfect or "pretty").

Here's a close up of the detail:

Those who know Marvel, and recognize The Punisher, will understand my reference since these skulls look a bit like his symbol.

But either way, I think they look pretty cool!

I hope you all enjoy them, and as always feel free to make requests, ask questions, and leave comments!

I'll see you soon with my next Halloween goodies!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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