Friday, October 19, 2012

I Want My Mummy!

Hello again everyone!

I'm back with another manicure for you all (and less than creative title).

The people in the world, who like me, seem to be fascinated with the burial practices of other cultures, past and present, are likely to have at least some interest in mummies.  Other than that, anyone interested in Brendan Fraser might have their own affiliation with mummies too.

Either way...there's a good chance at some point in your life you thought the idea of mummies was interesting (even if it might have been when Scooby and the Gang found out the mummy was Old Man Jenkins all along).

All of that being said, this wouldn't be a marathon of Halloween manicures without a mummy manicure, right?

So here's mine!

For this one, I used a base of three coats of Essie Sand Tropez and then used a black stripper polish to draw on the bandages in a random way.  Then for the eyes I simply used red acrylic paint and a small dotting tool.

Here's the close up:

Oddly enough, even though they're mummies, I think they're kind of cute.  And lucky for me...there's likely no curse following these mummies, being that i never have the greatest luck to begin with!

I hope you all like this manicure (even if the post was short, that just means it's easy right?).

If you make your own version, or have another Halloween manicure to share, feel free to send them my way.  Otherwise, if you have comments, questions, or replies, leave those too!

See you all again soon!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!!

~ Cat

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