Saturday, January 5, 2013

NOTD: Last Minute Kiss

Hey all!

I'm back!  (Thank you Captain Obvious...)

And I have another manicure to share!  ( I'm just being annoying haha).

I'm apparently in a a post-holiday, holiday polish mood these days and I have another anytime manicure using at least one Holiday polish.

I also wanted to wear a red polish, since I have quite a few and for whatever reason pass them up so often when I'm trying to choose a color.

So this is the result:

For this one, I used a base of OPI Last Minute Shopper, one of the Ulta Holiday Exclusives this year.  It's a gorgeous pink/red shimmer polish.  In the bottle it seems to shift to a gold/orange, but that doesn't show up on the nail really, but that doesn't make the color less pretty.

On top of that, I sponged on a gradient of Zoya Kissy.  Now this one is what I call "me as a nail polish" because is pink an sparkly and has rainbows in it, it's a glitter made up of magenta and red micro bits and then holographic bar glitter, and it blends nicely with the OPI, giving a subtle gradient.

How do you guys feel about this one?  Have you ever found a polish that you felt like someone had managed to bottle your personality?

Leave your comments, questions, suggestions, or requests below!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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