Tuesday, January 1, 2013

China Glaze Bend Over Backwards

Hey guys!

I'm back again, and today I wanted to bring you a review of a polish from a newer collection.

Also, I get to unveil my new nail shape for the new year!  Forgive the fact that my nails look pretty stubby, I had to file them down quite a bit to get the right shape.

Today's polish is from the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away Collection, and is one of the four from the collection I own so far.

I do have to say that the colors I own from this collection (which are It's A Trap-eze, Def Defying, Whirled Away, and Bend Over Backwards) are all wonderful colors!  They all go on smoothly, dry well and have great payoff!

For this post I'm showing you Bend Over Backwards, but I can certainly give in depth reviews of any of the others if you guys would like that.

So, here we go with Bend Over Backwards:

Bend Over Backwards is one of the non-glitter shades in the Cirque du Soleil collection.  It's a metallic, shimmery red-orange color and I have to say I LOVE IT!

I was really afraid I wouldn't like how it looked against my skin tone, a feeling a get a lot with oranges, even though most of the time they look great.  But I was pleasantly surprised and am actually really fond of this color.

The application was nice, highly pigmented and great color pay-off.  I applied three thin coats, but depending on how you apply your nail polish, you could probably get away with two.

I especially love how good it looked with my new shorter nails haha.

As far as being a part of the rest of the collection, I can see how it would coordinate well with some of the other colors, but as a whole it's hard to see a general cohesion in the colors in the Cirque collection.  They're all gorgeous, but not colors I expected together.  While a lot of the collection is in neon shades, this color, and the glitters are the standouts as different finishes.

Nevertheless, I'm in love with this color and would certainly recommend it to others, a great all season color with lovely shimmer.  It's not overly streaky, though there were a few brush strokes, camouflaged well by top coat.

In general, this polish had what you look for in a good polish, great coverage, great finish, ease of application, and awesome color.

What do you guys think?  Do you have the Cirque du Soleil collection, if so what do you think of the colors and the collection overall?

Don't forget to leave comments, questions, suggestions, and requests below!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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