Monday, January 7, 2013

Butter London The Black Knight

Hi everyone!

I have another polish to show you today!!

This is one of my countless untrieds (that I'm desperately trying to get through haha) and it's also one of my higher end of the few I have so far.

I'm a big fan of Butter London polishes and I desperately wish I had the money to get more like all of the time haha, but I'm very happy with the ones I have, especially the ones I got from my best friend :-D.

But I decided it was time for me to share one with you guys!

Now, this particular polish had been a lemming of mine for quite some time, and my local Ulta never seemed to have it in stock.  So of course, the day I managed to find it, I jumped on it and I'm SOOOOO glad I did!  I'm in love with this polish!

What polish am I talking about?

Butter London's The Black Knight of course!

Once again, this is a case of photos not doing a polish justice, but The Black Knight is a lovely black jelly with lots of colorful glitter in pink, red, blue, gold, and green!  You can see the colors much better in the bottle in this picture than on my nails, but it person its just a jumble of rainbow sparkles.  Now, as a glitter, it can get a bit gloppy, and my bottle can do with a drop or two of thinner.  But even with a bit of gloppiness, application was even and perfect in 2-3 coats (2 for most people, 3 for my OCD-ness haha).  The finish of this polish can get a tad bit gritty, but a couple coats of good top coat smooths that out, and makes the glitter really pop too!

What do you guys think?  Do you have any Butter London, or other high end brands that you just adore?

Leave your comments, questions, requests, and suggestions below!  I read them all!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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