Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Julep Maven January It Girl Box!

Hello all!

I have another Julep Maven box to show you!  (Be prepared for pic spam!)

For January's subscription box, the themes were neons and nudes, and I personally got the It Girl box which included three colors (plus an add on I tacked onto my order).

The colors included in my box this month (from left to right) are:

      Madison - an "Electric neon hot pink crème" (this was my add on from the Classic With A Twist
      Nina - an "Electric orangesicle neon crème"
      Nikki - an "Electric highlighter neon yellow crème"
      Amelia - a "Light champagne frost"

Also in the box this month as the fun little surprised and extras Julep includes was a trio of neon elastic knot hair ties, and a sheet of their newest inovation...Swatch Me stickers!

The bottles of polish I received this month already had their own Swatch Me stickers affixed to their tops, but there was also another sheet of 20 stickers included for their older bottles.  Another new element was the new bottle style Julep is using to make swatching that much easier.  Now the bottles have an extra cover cap to remove to swatch but locks on really well to use the brush just like the old bottles if you'd like.

Here's a look at the stickers and the new cap style, and also a look at the polishes swatched in their stickers.

I love this new idea!  I mean I also have my swatchsicles (which you'll see in a bit) but these stickers help if you store your Juleps in a drawer since unlike some other bottles, you can't see the colors looking straight down at them.  Plus the new caps make it easy to swatch, with the sheets  (when/if you order more) the new cap isn't really necessary since you can paint the stickers while still on the sheet, then stick them to the bottles once dry, but the fact that the cover caps lock on really well, it doesn't seem to add any inconvenience with application either.

As for the colors this month.  Three of the ones I received are obviously the neon shades, and as such they dry with the typical almost matter look that most neons do.  They're very pigmented and go on fairly smoothly (Nina got a bit gloppy but not anything too hard to work with).  The color payoff is great and the dry time is fantastic if you keep your coats thin.  Amelia, my nude shade, is gorgeous, nice and subtle.  However, like most frosts there is a bit of streaking, but if you keep a steady hand to keep the sroke marks straight, a good top coat can cover a lot of evils.

Here are my nail swatches of the colors:

If you're interested in subscribing to your own Julep Maven box you can go HERE and take your style quiz and sign up for your intro box!

There is no obligation, you can cancel anytime, or skip a box any month.  You can also switch styles each month if you see something you like better in another style!

And if you enter the code COLOR2012 you can get your very first box for $0.01!  That's right, A PENNY!  Imagine getting up to three polishes, worth about $14 each, for only a penny!  What have you got to loose, especially when you can opt out if you decide you don't like the service!

Are you already a Maven?  What did you get in your box this month?  Did you get any add ons?

Let me know below!  Also, leave your comments, questions, suggestions, and requests below!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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