Friday, January 11, 2013

Ninja Polish-Nail Venturous Floam!

Hi everyone!

I hope you have your 90s Nostalgia pants on cause I'm bringing you a polish likely to bring on some flashbacks for some of you!

First, you must get in the correct mindset...

Take yourself back to a time of Nicktoons, neon t-shirts, hush puppies, and in the 90s yet?

Can you hear the dry drawl of Daria Morgendorfer?  The click-clack of Pogs?  The explosion of gel pens in your backpack?

Oh're there with me now.

Now...think when toys were cool and based on imagination...can you picture Floam?

Amazing time right!  Well Ninja Polish, by way of Nail Venturous, has captured the wonder and excitement of this fun toy in a nail polish!

That's right, they are the producers of the one and only Floam polish!  And I have pics to share with you!

Amazing isn't it?!  Floam is a mixture of turquoise and lime green matte glitter particles that, when done in three coats like in the picture, give the illusion of the squish moldable toy from way back when.  Like many glitters, the natural dry texture of this polish is a bit gritty (but some people like that), but for me, the Floam look is amplified when smoothed with a top coat, it gives it more a squishy look in my opinion.

What do you guys think?  Did they capture the essence of Floam for your fingers?

Besides the trip down memory lane, I wanted to share the polishes I received from Zoya's Color the World 2013 promotion, which is going on until Sunday I believe.  For this promotion, you can get 3, yes THREE, Zoya polishes for free, with only the shipping to pay!  So that's $10 for three polishes!  And if your total adds up to $25 you're shipping is free and you still get three polishes free.

Anyways, here are the colors I received.

For the promotion I decided to get Manhattan Mixer, a sheer shimmer top coat with gold/green/iridescent sparkles in it, Indigo, a dark indigo blue with a touch of holo glitter, and Mimi, a royal purple sparkle!

Did you already order your three polishes?  Are you going to get any before the promotion ends?

Don't forget to leave your comments, questions, suggestions, and requests below!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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