Saturday, June 1, 2013

LGBT Pride Month: Kick off manicure!

Hi all!

So today is June 1st, and in case you didn't know, it is the first day of National LGBT Pride Month in the US!

Now, if you haven't noticed my Proud Ally sticker on this blog, then I guess it's high time you know that I am a proud (and rather emphatic) supporter of the LGBT community and it's causes.

So, when it's Pride Month, I can't just sit idly by with normal manicures, NO!  When I have so many color options at my disposal, it's only fair that I use my polishes to show my love and appreciation for all things rainbow and purple and for my friends and family that are a part of the LGBTQQIAAP community.

So for today, I have my first LGBT Pride manicure in what will be my MONTH OF PRIDE series of posts!

Megan Miller Velvet Lounge and rainbow gems
I thought I'd start of with something simple and straightforward.  Now some of you may have seen the manicure I took inspiration from (after all it's all over Pinterest haha).  In that image the base is a black with the rainbow gems, topped off with a matte top coat.

For my manicure, I wanted to have a little bit of a change so I first decided on a purple base (it is Pride, right?).  For that I use Megan Miller Velvet Lounge, a nice deep eggplant purple color that is basically a jelly-creme, sheer enough for some but buildable.  Then I simply added my little rainbow nail gems, off center and stuck on with a rather thick line of quick dry top coat and a toothpick dipped in top coat to make it sticky enough to pick up the gems.  I also decided to stay with the gloss finish instead of matte, simply because I prefer how the gems catch light with the shiny finish rather than otherwise.

I'm really excited about this manicure, and I'm even more excited to experiment with more rainbow and purple options as the month goes on!


Now, I want to be serious for a moment.  LGBT rights are a very important subject for me and at the moment, for the world.  I have a very large soft spot on my heart for anyone and everyone involved in the changes that are being made everyday to ensure that we can truly say we are the home of the free. 

I want to make sure that anyone who reads my blog knows that I am a proud LGBT Ally and am always here for anyone and everyone who may need someone to talk to when they fear there may not be anyone there.  Remember, you are always, ALWAYS loved.  There is someone in your life who will be there for you, and if for some reason you can't find them right now, I'm here for you!

To all my readers LGBT or straight or anything else you may identify as, I hope you will always remember, though it may seem like the world is struggling to accept what is around them, it's their problem, not yours.  You were made to be just who you are and someone has a problem that, its just it, its THEIR problem.  But I know things can be difficult, and with the epidemic of bullying we have in the world, and especially on the internet, it can seem like there is no escape from the indescribably cruelty of human beings.  However, even though it's been said and may sound trite, things do get better, don't give up, your life and your place in this world is so valuable.

In this Pride Month, I remind you to be PROUD of who you are, no matter what you identify as, and know that there are people like myself who are PROUD to say you're in the world. 

Feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk, or just need someone to listen. (

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Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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