Thursday, July 18, 2013


I'm going to jump right in for this post because there is A LOT to cover, haha.

Besides, who are we kidding, we all know you're here to see the polish, not to listen to me blather on!

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cherry Tart
First up is Cherry Tart from Sally Hansen's new Sugar Coat collection.  This polish is a bright cherry red creme based, textured polish. 

I'm loving these Sugar Coat polishes, the texture on them is the perfect (or at least I think so), it's not too gritty but it adds a fun effect.  Not to mention it's nice to have textured polishes that aren't glittery, not that I don't like my glitters, but sometimes you just want a color.

China Glaze Hologlam Strap On Your Moonboots
Next, I have China Glaze's Strap On Your Moonboots from the Hologlam collection.  This polish is kind of a dusty sapphire blue holographic.

When it came to the Hologlam collection I'm a bit torn.  I won't say I dislike them because that isn't the case, but I wasn't as wow-ed as I would have liked.  The holographic effect on these is very subtle and the colors are all a bit...I dunno...dingy looking.  They're pretty, just not what I expected from a holographic collection by China Glaze.

Essie Sunday Funday
Next, is a prime example of polishes that I just couldn't catch on camera, especially since I didn't have sunlight and had to use LED light.  This is Essie Sunday Funday, a bright coral pink with a subtle shimmer to it.

This polish is so much fun for summer, and looks lovely in the sun with that little sprinkling of sparkle.

Pure Ice Free Spirit & Julep Sofia
Now we have another bright summer mani, this is Pure Ice Free Spirit with a coat of Julep Sofia over it.  Free Spirit is a pretty grass green color with a very slight shimmer.  Julep Sofia is an irridescent green and turquoise polish that, as far as I know even glows in the dark (I could be wrong). 

Sofia over Free Spirit left a really pretty subtle glitter effect that added just a little bit of extra to this manicure.

Finger Paints It's Bitsy Spider
Next is Finger Paints It's Bitsy Spider, a lavender polish with a great light blue flash of shimmer.  This polish is lovely and so much fun with that almost duochrome effect of the blue and purple together.

I was afraid this polish would be too sheer, but three coats made it COMPLETELY opaque and I just love it!

L.A. Girl Hologram Black Illusion
And lastly I have Black Illusion from L.A. Girl's new Hologram collection.  This polish is a black base with lots of holographic glitter bits in it.

The application of this polish (and the others in the collection) is very much like a jelly, but they all go opaque in three coats.

I'm told this polish is a great dupe for Zoya Storm, and there are a few others in the collection that are supposed to be dupes for some highly coveted Zoya polishes!  I'll be doing a collection swatch fest for these soon.

There!  I am all caught up with manicures I did over the last 2 ish weeks!

What do you all think?  Don't forget to leave comments and questions and suggestions below!

Hugs & Kisses & Great Polishes!

~ Cat

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